Daily Harvest Farm is a small farm based in Central New York. We grow a variety of fresh
herbs, and flowers available at two local farmers markets from May-November.

As a family farm, we are committed to growing fresh, safe food and using the most responsible
practices to enrich our soil, water, air and bodies. 
All without which we could not do what we love: grow food!

We do not believe sustainability is simply a set of practices continuously applied to the land, but rather
a process through which ecological vitality of the land itself improves over time. So we are constantly
learning ways to improve our production of on-farm fertility, reducing our tillage through crop
rotations and the use of cover crops, and to promote a habitat for beneficial insects and animals.

We believe fresh food is not only better for us, but tastes better too.  As our name suggests,
our produce is harvested only when it has been fully warmed by the sun. At this brief moment
of freshness, the food's natural colors, flavors, and nutrients are sealed in for you.


Daily Harvest Farm
Fabius, NY 13108    315.278.8171